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Doorstep Solutions

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We Fix PC & MAC


  • Let us diagnose the issue. We’ll make recommendations on how to fix it and keep your computer running at peak performance.
    Whether your device is already experiencing problems, slowdowns, or you just want to ensure that it’s running at peak performance, NYC can help

Email Setup

  • Outlook, window live mail, Bell & Rogers Email setup etc.

Data Backup

  • We can professionally back up, transfer and/or migrate your data to a variety of media types, including USB flash media, external hard drives or your computer.

Data Recovery

  • Diagnostic/Evaluation

  • Encrypted Data Recovery

  • Experienced Data Recovery Engineers

  • High Success Rates

  • Excellent Customer Service

  • Recovery From All Types drive manufactures

  • Same Data Recovery Service  

  • 100% Secure and Confidential

  • Class 100 Clean Room

  • Fast Turnaround Time in most cases

Dusting / Physical Cleaning & Visual Inspection

Software and Hardware installation

Mac OS Hardware and Software Diagnostic

Laptop Breakfix

Virus Removal

Format/reload with Data backup/restore

Onsite Computer / Ipad / all Smart Devices Tutorial

Windows 10 Upgrade and Tutorial
Customer Specific Problems.


  • We Can Pickup, Repair , return and reconnect your device in record time.
  • Please ensure any required accessories like cables and connectors are available
  • Please ensure a person at least 18 years of age is present during the entire time the service is provided
  • The NYC Technician will require full access to the devices to be serviced, access to the residence, the owner's consent, cooperation to enter the residence or business, a safe working environment, working space, and electrical power

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